What is an example of a blockchain

As technology advances, there are several examples where blockchain technology is being efficiently used. Here are a few:

KickCity: It is a platform, using blockchain technology that enables party planners to charge for services that they effectively make use of, as compared to the whole package. As these events are marketed, the entire community earns rewards. The platform has more than 70k subscribers and 300 event hosts where each of its goods make over $50k each month.
B2Expand: It’s a company that specializes in producing cross-gaming video games that rely on the Ethereum blockchain. They were the first to be accepted on Steam and have a crypto economy. Their initial video game, “Beyond the Void”, was welcomed into the start-up program of Ubisoft.
Spotify: When Spotify purchased blockchain start-up Mediachain Labs, it intended to aid in the development of solutions via a decentralised database to more effectively connect artists and license agreements with the tunes on Spotify’s service.
Guts: It is a transparent ticketing ecosystem that use blockchain technology to do away with secondary ticket markets and ticket fraud.

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