What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency, is a form of digital or electronic currency that utilizes encryption techniques to serve as a substitute form for the traditional mode of payment. As it leverages the encryption technology, it is able to act as a virtual accounting system that operates electronically, while also functioning as a medium of trade. To use cryptocurrencies, you need a wallet specific for cryptocurrency. These wallets could be programs that you download on your PC, smartphone, or cloud storage. The wallets then help with storing information which is encrypted, helping to exclusively bind you to your bitcoin, framing a unique identity that helps in verification of all transactions carried out.

There are several cryptocurrencies being used in the market, having different names. The most well-known cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, have probably been discussed in articles you have read. Alternatives to conventional currencies are being used for online transactions. Before converting actual dollars, euros, pounds, or other traditional currencies into the currency code for the most well-known cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, you should understand what cryptocurrency is, what the risks connected with using bitcoins are, and how you can protect your investment.

What risks are associated with using cryptocurrencies? A very turbulent market exists for cryptocurrencies because they continue to be a relatively new idea. Since they are not governed by financial institutions or any other third parties, cryptocurrencies are often uninsured and challenging to convert into a form of actual money (such as USD or euros). As cryptocurrencies are just another piece of technology, they might as well be hacked however, it is quite difficult. Lastly, because you store your bitcoin transactions in a wallet app, they are all lost if you end up losing that wallet.

If you want to make your cryptocurrency secure, you can do as follows:

⦁ Make sure that you are aware of how cryptocurrencies are traded in the market and how they can be leveraged. Several whitepapers and official websites provide valuable insights into how a crypto currency may be utilized. Moreover, you should make sure that the information you seek out should be neutral.
⦁ Carry out at least a minimum amount of research to identify the most suitable wallet against your needs. In case if you decide to operate it through your laptop or smartphone, you should also guard it with the same effort as the level of investment made. You don’t want a million dollars to vanish just because you opted for an unpopular wallet. An established wallet may help you stay out of trouble.
⦁ Consider an emergency fallback option where in the case of a missing or stolen, laptop or smartphone, you can easily access your wallet.

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